There is absolutely nothing worse than missing out on something you TOTALLY would have done if you had just realized it was happening. Seriously. We despise the feeling so much we formed a think-tank dedicated to figuring out how to beat it. Our research quickly revealed the hard truth: there is no cure. Fomo is a natural instinct ingrained in our biology. The only option we have is to take control and make fomo a positive part of our lives.

It begins with awareness, an idea championed by our parent company, FOMO Media. Acknowledging the fomo within you is the first step to making it work for you. Now that sounds great, and was incredibly easy to write. But living it is another story. Thats why we started making fomo management tools.

FOMO Sonar is OUR fomo management tool. From the Portland Trail Blazers to our local music scene, we built an app that keeps track of everything we love. We that said, we realized that there is a whole world of fomo inducing stuff out there, and we are always looking for new contributors.